Delivering Value Within Budget: Half Price Packaging's Custom Solutions for Raw Nature Cuisine

Raw Nature Cuisine

Our Partnership's Essence? Rooted in Trust, Defined by Understanding

Javier Cifuentes had an exciting concept simmering for the online food world – Raw Nature Cuisine (RNC), a brand dedicated to celebrating the pure, unprocessed flavors of nature. But there was a snag: budget-friendly packaging. Javier needed custom boxes for his glass jars that would not break the bank. That's when he found Half Price Packaging through Hazel Adams, our customer service whiz, who made everything smooth sailing from the start to the end.

To seal the deal with Javier, we decided actions speak louder than words. So, we sent him a free sample pack. We wanted him to touch, feel, and see the quality firsthand! After being fully satisfied with our sample pack, Javier was eager to kickstart our collaboration. We wish Raw Nature Cuisine all the success and are grateful for their trust in us.

"Hazel, let's work together and grow. Your efforts mean a lot to me, and I'm sure we will achieve great things as a team."

Javier's budget was tight, but Half Price Packaging did not compromise on quality. With this in mind, we rolled up our sleeves and started working. Using the specifications provided by our client, we decided to use sturdy white corrugated material to guarantee durability and protection for Raw Nature Cuisine’s glass jar products. The dimensions, precisely measured at L14.268” x W5.468” x H1.85”, were adjusted to accommodate the jars snugly.

Our packaging experts selected the one-piece mailer box shape and style because of its simple, functional, and easy-to-use design. Plus, its sleek appearance adds a touch of professionalism to RAW Nature Cuisine's brand image, making it the ideal choice for Javier's e-commerce venture.

When it comes to printing, adept designers used CMYK colors and printed both inside and outside with a 4/4 printing process, creating vivid and attention-grabbing designs. Furthermore, we opted for a matte lamination finish to add a layer of protection to the boxes, making them more resistant to scratches, scuffs, and fingerprints. Matte lamination gives the boxes a sophisticated and premium appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal.

In addition to the standard packaging, add-ons were incorporated to increase practicality, including punch Inserts with various cut-outs for a secure placement of the glass jars during transit. These inserts, made from the same sturdy material as the boxes, offered extra support and organization.

Keeping in account Javier's financial considerations, Half Price Packaging offered a competitive quote of $2995 for 1000 custom boxes. This allowed him to access top-notch packaging solutions without straining his finances. Moreover, the production process was expedited to make sure that our client’s boxes were ready to go within just 6 weeks. With the help of FedEx's reliable sea shipping services, the client enjoyed prompt delivery of the packaging.

Javier could not contain his excitement when he received the boxes. In his customer testimonial video, he praised us for our attention to detail and commitment to his vision. He even gave us a big shoutout, calling us "amazing!"

He further added, "I usually do not do video reviews, but Half Price Packaging deserves it. Their outstanding service during our e-commerce food company's launch was exceptional. They were attentive to every detail, ensuring the box for our glass jar products was perfect. I'm thrilled with their work!"

Our project's success owes much to our dedicated team. Everyone, from our creative designers to our detail-oriented quality assurance crew, each person played a vital role. But the hero of the story? That's Hazel Adams. She was the glue that held everything together, making sure Javier's needs were met at every turn.

As Raw Nature Cuisine prepares for its grand debut, Half Price Packaging stands proud, knowing we have been a part of Javier's culinary adventure. With his glowing recommendation, we are excited to take on more projects, one box at a time.

Half Price Packaging believes that in the world of business partnerships, it's the ones built on trust and understanding that stand the test of time. With Javier's words ringing in our ears, Half Price Packaging looks forward to many more successful collaborations in the future.

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