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Benevolent Bakery X Half Price Packaging: Where Delicious CBD Treats Meet a Meaningful Cause

Benevolent Bakery

Founded by Wesley Holloway, Benevolent Bakery's mission is twofold: to create delectable baked goods and to make a positive impact in the community.

At Half Price Packaging, this time, we are excited to share the remarkable story of how we partnered with Benevolent Bakery, a team driven by purpose and passion.

Benevolent Bakery strives to serve quality products as well as to contribute to social change, particularly by supporting local non-profits and focusing on efforts to eradicate homelessness. That’s what truly sets them apart! Their slogan,

"Baking damn good edibles with a purpose,"

perfectly captures their commitment to baking with intentionality and compassion.

Want to know their secret ingredient? It's not just the cannabis-infused goodness; it's the care and kindness mixed into every batch. They make sure each brownie is just right, so you get the same tasty experience every time you take a bite.

In a cordial video testimonial, Wesley Holloway, the owner of Benevolent Bakery and our honorable client, expressed his appreciation for the collaboration with Half Price Packaging. With a warm smile, he shared his thoughts on the packaging solutions that had become an integral part of his business journey.

"I just want to take a moment to express my gratitude to the team at Half Price Packaging," Wesley was clearly excited about it.

But behind every successful bakery lies a crucial component: packaging, right? That's where we come in! Wesley Holloway reached out to us through Ross Morgan, our dedicated and brilliant customer service representative. Ross Morgan ensured that all the needs and requirements of our clients were met, making the entire process smooth and effortless.

Working closely with Benevolent Bakery's team, we understood the importance of creating packaging that was practical and durable. Keeping their requirements in mind, we crafted custom brownie batter boxes in two main colors: a vibrant blue and a soft pink, mirroring the playful spirit of Benevolent Bakery's brand. But it was not just about colors and dimensions; our client needed packaging that stood out on the shelves, turned heads, and left a lasting impression.

Following their demands, we utilized cardstock material with a thickness of 16pt. We ensured that the boxes were sturdy enough to protect the instant brownie mix inside while maintaining a sleek and professional appearance.

"From the moment we reached out to Half Price Packaging through Ross Morgan, we knew we were in good hands."

The box dimensions of 5.63” x 1.5” x 7.244” were carefully chosen to accommodate their premixed brownie batter perfectly. These specifications were on point, providing ample space for presentation without excess bulk. The seal-end box style made it easy for customers to access the ready-to-bake mixture while adding a touch of elegance to the packaging design.

Wesley Holloway provided the logo and content, while our team at Half Price Packaging offered expertise to execute his ideas.

Working together, we paid attention to every detail - from where to put the logo to selecting the colors - to make sure Benevolent Bakery's brand identity shone through. To enrich the visual appearance of the boxes, we utilized CMYK printing with two additional PMS colors, creating vibrant and eye-catching designs that instantly drew attention. The outside of the boxes was finished with aqueous coating, to add a subtle sheen. It accentuated the artwork and protected it from wear and tear.

With an offer and quote for 35,300 pieces, we made sure that Benevolent Bakery had a sufficient supply of packaging to meet their growing demand. With a shipping timeline of 45 business days through FedEx, we assured timely delivery to their doorstep. It allowed them to focus on what they do best – baking damn good edibles with a purpose.

He further remarked:

"The quality of the boxes, coupled with the competitive pricing, truly set Half Price Packaging apart. And the turnaround time? Impressive! It's evident that they prioritize customer satisfaction above all else."

Our support for our client went beyond just assisting with their packaging. We also stepped in with storage solutions using our warehouse and IMS facilities. This made it easier for them to manage their inventory and restock whenever necessary, hassle-free.

From striking designs to eco-friendly solutions, we at Half Price Packaging are really proud to be part of Benevolent Bakery's mission to make the world a sweeter, happier place. We look forward to more successful collaborations, spreading joy, and making a difference.

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