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Boost Up Your Packaging Game with These 11 Box Design Ideas

11 box design ideas

Consumers today have a plethora of options to purchase whatever they want. They are no longer limited to the resources in their town or even their country. Whether they browse an online store or a store shelf, they want a seamless shopping experience. They also want the packaging boxes that hold their products to impress them.  

Consider why you choose a particular brand. Perhaps word-of-mouth, or perhaps loyalty, but packaging design is also a significant factor.  

How significant is the box design for your brand? You can get an idea of its intensity by the following points: 

According to an IPSOS Study, 72% of American consumers changed their buying decisions because of the product's box design.  WestRock's Survey found that 66% of respondents tried something new because they were attracted to the packaging.

Therefore, don't neglect your product box's design.  

11 Innovative Ideas to Design Custom Box Packaging for Your Products

By creating a creative yet functional box design, you can use it as an effective marketing tool. You still don't believe it? Let us elaborate then:  

Box Design Idea #1: Tell a Story through Packaging Design

Use stories to establish a more personal connection with your audience. Tell them about your brand, your background, and the things that are important to you.  

Kashi, a brand of organic breakfast cereal, started including "stories" on the back of their cereal box packaging design in 2016. These brief narratives provided information through the use of colored photographs about the origin of raw materials and how they combined they make the end product. They highlighted real people involved in cereal production, including farmers, millers, and others.

In addition, Kashi provided a link to the detailed video of that story on the packaging box's IP (Informational Panel) for interested customers. The packaging design was so alluring that nobody could ignore that product on the retail shelves.

Box Design Idea #2: Make it Gift-Worthy

Sometimes the gift itself is not nearly as important as the exquisitely crafted custom box it comes in. Gift Packaging today serves a purpose beyond its original purpose and is a crucial marketing tool.  

A well-crafted premium packaging design box and excellent functionality demonstrate the thought, sincerity, and effort you put in for your valuable customers. Customers will perceive you as a business that puts quality first at every stage, from planning to finishing touches.

Box Design Idea #3: Add a Packaging Sleeve

Since a packaging sleeve can be a more cost-effective alternative, businesses frequently use them instead of boxes. These sleeves are frequently used on items like soap bars and pairs of socks. However, some businesses include this component in their overall package design box. 

A packaging sleeve is very simple to alter if you want a new look for your product's packaging rather than changing the whole design.

Box Design Idea #4: Try Some Humor

Each of us finds different things humorous, so humor is a bit tricky. But it works well when it works. You simply have to keep in mind your target audience. Just avoid offending anyone's sentiments.

Box Design Idea #5: Give 'em a Sneak Peek

Windows cutouts give customers a peek inside and, sometimes, the chance to feel and touch your product. Food items frequently have cutout windows to see what you're buying. It is done through the window patching process. Nobody wants to spend money on expensive cookies only to open the packaging box and find a crumbled mess.

If your product is vibrant or textured, cutouts are also a good choice. Artisan soap bars from Zandra Beauty are available in a range of scents and hues. There are various colors and creative packaging ideas for each type of soap.  

You can see the inside of the colorful soap bar through the tiny cutout. With the various colors peeking out, you could create a very eye-catching showcase on a retail shelf.

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Box Design Idea #6: Make it Multi-Purpose  

Occasionally, the box itself is a piece of art. View Cause Box's most recent box, which features gorgeous illustrations. To create their subscription boxes, Cause Box carefully selects socially responsible products. You wouldn't want to put this box in the recycling. These pretty boxes can stylishly store old letters or other small keepsakes. 

Box Design Idea #7: Use an Interesting Shape 

Not all boxes must be cuboids. Although they are typically rectangular to facilitate storage and transportation, there is no absolute rule that says you can't have a triangular, hexagonal, or other uniquely shaped packaging design for the box. 

For instance, the prism-shaped box concept for a soap company is a good idea shown below:

Box Design Idea #8: Use Custom Labels or Stickers 

For a polished, appealing appearance, you don't necessarily need to print your graphics on the actual box. You might not want to be specific to a certain product box design. A well-made sticker or label will look nice and enable you to quickly alter the appearance of your boxes depending on your mood or market trends.

A fragrance subscription service is called Nosejoy. They send out four to five scent-filled products from high-end brands each month, like candles, soaps, or lotions. 

They completely alter its appearance by applying a different sticker to the front of their trend packaging every month. The color scheme might feature deep blue one month with a mermaid illustration and bright yellow with lemon images the next month. 

Box Design Idea #9: Seal your Boxes with Something Pretty (For Practical)

Branded or colorful packaging tape is an additional inexpensive box design option. Packaging tape can advertise other products, promote a brand, provide handling instructions, or prevent theft. These cool packaging ideas look mesmerizing and attract buyers to buy from your brand.

Any business can benefit from this cost-effective, low-maintenance option because you can get these packaging tapes at minimal rates. 

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Box Design Idea #10: Use a Custom Stamp  

It would be wonderful to have custom boxes with exquisite designs and your logo printed in various colors or embossed on the sides. However, not every company's budget allows for that. But don't worry; there are inexpensive design components that almost any company can use in their cardboard box design.

A custom stamp might be a good option if you're on a tight budget or just want something plain and simple.

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Box Design Idea #11: Experiment with Fonts

Utilizing an interesting font can improve the appearance of your package design box. Make it memorable and distinctive whether you choose to go modern or vintage, quirky or traditional, winsome or staid. Your brand's recognition can be improved with the right font. 

Skoff Pies is a brand that created a retro aesthetic for their comfort food pies using a variety of fonts that work well together.  

Uncertain of where to begin? There are countless fonts on the internet. Look for free fonts on websites like Google Fonts or Behance, or spend a little money and purchase one from Creative Market or MyFonts for a wider selection. 

Get Designing and Bring Your Box Design Idea to Life

We hope that now you understand the importance of designing your custom packaging. It would be foolish to ignore the importance of boxes and other packaging materials as a marketing tool. You can consider box design techniques like the ones mentioned above. These ideas can assist you in bringing new clients while making existing ones happy. 

Don't forget that different box packaging design components can be merged to create a masterpiece. You can include a number of them in your design; just be careful that it doesn't appear overly crowded. Finding the ideal fit might require some experimentation. Keep in mind that throughout all of your promotional materials, you want your message to stand out and be consistent.

Everyone, from tiny Etsy shops to industry behemoths like Amazon, considered the designs of their shipping boxes. Cost-effective design is possible. It can be as basic as a sticker or as elaborate as a high-quality multicolored embossed box. Your product box design must convey your business's and customers' values. 

You can seek help from an expert packaging company like Half Price Packaging. We make it easy to create unique boxes and cost-effective packaging online. 

Get in touch with us right off the bat to find out more about our packaging services and bring your creative packaging design ideas to life.

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