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Things You Need to Know About Green Packaging

green packaging

According to recent research, 85% of consumers worldwide have changed their buying habits in the last five years to promote sustainability. 

According to another IBM poll, 70% of consumers stated sustainability was important to them. And they would pay extra for more environmentally conscious and sustainable brands. 

Customers expect more sustainability from brands and are eager to spend money on goods made by businesses that are doing their part to protect the environment.  

How can businesses meet consumer demand while promoting sustainability? 

Let's find out:  

Concept of Go Green Recycling  

When we talk about "green packaging," we are talking about product packaging that's more eco-friendly than the typical options available to businesses. 

Green packaging is also known as: 

What Packaging Constitutes Green Packaging?  

Depending on the components used in its construction and the method of disposal, sustainable packaging solutions can also be divided into a number of distinct categories. 

Green packaging includes: 

1. Recyclable Packaging  

The components used to make this can be recycled at conventional facilities. When something is recyclable, it can still be used after its intended purpose has been served. 

It's important to distinguish between recyclable materials and those that can only be utilized as recycled materials because not all materials are recyclable. 

Recycled Materials 

  • Non-virgin cardboard (also known as Kraft

  • Non-Virgin Plastics 

Recyclable Materials 

  • Cardboard or Kraft 

  • Plastics and Soft Plastics 

  • Paper envelopes and Stationery  

2. Post-Consumer Recycled Packaging  

The term "PCR" describes new packaging created from materials that have already been recycled and disposed of. 

3. Bio-degradable Packaging 

This packaging, which is frequently created from biodegradable or plant-based materials, may contain microorganisms that contribute to the decomposition of the components. 

4. Compostable Packaging  

Packaging is manufactured from organic plant materials that can organically resurface on the soil and aid in regenerating the planet's systems. 

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Have You Heard?  

All biodegradable packaging is compostable; however, not all compostable packaging is biodegradable. 

Benefits of Green to-go Packaging

The following are the reasons why green packaging is in high demand these days:  

a). Green Packaging Makes the Planet a Better Place  

Green packaging reduces environmental effects for the benefit of the earth, whether businesses choose to employ recycled materials in their packaging or make the packaging recyclable. 

The environment, ecosystems, and sustainability benefit when brands opt for green packaging. 

b). Consumer Demands Green Packaging  

According to a study by McKinsey & Company, more than half of American consumers are concerned about how packaging affects the environment. These customers are also considering go green food packaging and recycled products. 

Customer happiness rises when businesses address consumer demands for sustainability by providing them with eco-friendly goods and packaging. This is crucial for building brand loyalty and helping businesses increase their profits. 

Global Regulatory Considerations for Green Packaging 

As customers, retailers, and food and consumer product companies work to create goods that are sustainable they can claim to be "environmentally friendly" or "green,". As a result of this, the global market for green packaging is expanding quickly.  

This expansion has led to the creation of standards for green packaging by several organizations, as well as the creation of new or revised rules and regulations that impact the creation of green packaging materials and the claims made for them. These laws are strictly made for food, pharma, and go green cannabis packaging.  

California's New Plastic Law  

California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a new law on June 30 that mandates all packaging inside the state be recyclable or compostable by 2032. 

By compelling plastic companies to give the state $500 million each year, the bill seeks to shift the cost of plastic pollution from consumers to the plastic industry. According to the legislation, these payments will start in 2027, and the fund will be devoted to reducing the effects of plastic on the environment. 

According to the bill's text, plastic packaging consumption will be reduced by 25% over the course of ten years, and recycling requirements will increase to 65% of all single-use packaging. 

Is Green Packaging Right for You?  

Go green packaging is a crucial step toward a better society, whether you are attempting to satisfy customer demand for a more sustainable environment or you want to enter the circular economy. When choosing to package your products, think about being green. 

We provide a variety of recyclable and biodegradable green packaging options that may be customized for your branding and products to help you achieve your goals without compromising the quality and durability of your products. 

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You may lower your company's carbon footprint and increase customer trust with green packaging options, benefiting both the environment and your brand. 

To find the right packaging for your needs, browse our eco-friendly solutions for recyclable and compostable packaging online or call us. 

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