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Discover Radiant Skincare with Spinster Sisters Co

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Amidst the majestic hills of Colorado, a woman with a vision was on a mission to shake up the world of skincare and soap. Driven by her love for all things natural and a fierce commitment to sustainability, Kelly Perkins set out to create a plant-based soap and skincare line to make Mother Nature proud. She gave birth to Spinster Sisters Co., a revolutionary new brand harnessing the power of plants and pampering your skin like never before!

Fueled by adoration for sustainability and skincare, she had grown her brand from the ground to the stars above. Now, she was on a mission to take things to the next level and find a reliable packaging partner who understands her brand's vision and values.

"From the ground level to the reach of the skies, my brand's mission for sustainability and skincare has never wavered. With the right packaging partner, I was ready to take on the world and soar to new heights."

~Kelly Perkins, Founder of Spinster Sisters Co.


Kelly had a vision in mind packaging that's one of a kind! Square tuck flap boxes, in eco-friendly Kraft, with premium aqueous printing. However, finding a packaging partner to meet their high expectations and offer net payment terms while providing a fast turnaround time was no easy feat. With eco-friendliness being non-negotiable, Kelly was exasperated. But despite the challenge, her determination didn't wane.

"Challenges are simply opportunities to elevate your expectations and your results."

~Kelly Perkins, Founder of Spinster Sisters Co.

They searched high and low, but nothing seemed to fit the bill. Just when they were about to give up, they stumbled upon Half Price Packaging, a company specializing in eco-friendly and sustainable packaging solutions.

At first, communication hiccups had Kelly feeling blue, but Half Price Packaging came to the rescue and saved the day with stellar customer service and a keen ear for Kelly's packaging dreams. They also offered flexible payment terms, allowing Spinster Sisters Co. to stay within their budget while receiving top-tier packaging.

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David and Bob, the packaging gurus at Half Price Packaging, teamed up with Kelly to bring her vision to life. With killer artwork in hand, their mission was clear: find eco-friendly packaging materials that perfectly align with the brand's vision. After some collaborative brainstorming, a few samples, and a bit of back-and-forth, they hit the jackpot!

"I couldn't be happier with the outcome. David and Bob from Half Price Packaging were absolute gurus in bringing my vision to life. With their eco-friendly materials and keen attention to detail, they helped my brand truly shine!"

~Kelly Perkins, Founder of Spinster Sisters Co.

Just when we thought we had it all under control, production took a turn for the worse. A shortage of aqueous printing ink in the US had us running in circles, and we feared a delivery delay was on the cards.


But we didn't give up! With a little help from our friends in China, we outsourced the ink and delivered the packaging on time, as promised to our beloved client.

Kelly wanted her tuck boxes to survive the wilds of shipping, withstanding all bumps and bruises along the way. So, the packaging experts coated the boxes with a matte anti-scratch finish, ensuring that even the most heavy-handed handlers couldn't break them. And to top it off, they chose vintage fonts like Hand Shop, giving the boxes a touch of class and tying in perfectly with Kelly's brand aesthetic.

"Packaging that's tough as nails - that's what I wanted, and that's exactly what I got!"

~Kelly Perkins, Founder of Spinster Sisters Co.

To make the boxes look more attractive, we added UV-curable printing to the logo on the packaging. We also added a matte finish for an impactful design feature. And to take the design game to the next level, we added a pinch of foil stamping, a dash of embossing, and voila! The entire design looked stunning.

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Kelly and her team at Spinster Sisters Co. were over the moon. She was so thrilled that she also shared her positive experience with Half Price Packaging on Twitter. The packaging caught the eye of customers, and sales increased by 25%.

The partnership between Spinster Sisters Co. and Half Price Packaging continued to grow, with Half Price Packaging consistently delivering high-quality custom boxes with excellent customer service.

"Half Price Packaging has been a game-changer for our brand. Their high-quality boxes and excellent customer service continue to exceed our expectations, allowing our partnership to flourish."

~Kelly Perkins, Spinster Sisters Co.

A huge round of applause for The Spinster Sisters Co.! They bagged the 2022 City of Golden Sustainability Winner award with their eco-championing, plastic-free practices.

We are happy to share their success story!

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