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Design Variables to Consider When Designing Custom Product Packaging


You are probably familiar with the fact that visual imagery is powerful. Images help us learn better. Our brains are wired to interpret the recognize visuals instantaneously, which in turn triggers our emotions.

But did you know that visuals can have an impact on your decision making?

According to research, what we see acts as a dominant factor in what we think and how we act. In other words, visual imagery can have a great influence on our decisions. The part of our brain that processes visual stimuli functions in close association with the part that is in charge of decision making.

This is why the packaging industry uses design elements as visual stimuli when they design packaging box online. As much we as humans would like to consider ourselves as intellectual, rational beings, we are inclined to make snap judgments, especially when it comes to packaging.

Here, we will be discussing some of the most powerful design elements of packaging that influence the purchase decisions of consumers.

Ø  Color

When we look at brands like McDonald’s, KFC, Burger King, Pizza Hut, and Coca-Cola, they appear as entirely independent entities. They have their own specialty products, market competition, and a loyal customer base.

But what is that one thing they all have in common?

It is the overpowering red in their packaging. Despite the availability of an elaborate color spectrum for marketers to use, these food companies keep cycling back to the statistic that red is a visually stimulating color that can greatly boost our appetites.

Research suggests that the more inundated we have become with the information; the more visual decision making is growing. Understanding color psychology and the specific communicative language of different colors is important when companies design packaging box online.

You want to choose a color that complements your brand image and the underlying message of your business. While there is no set guide for choosing the right colors, your decision must take into account factors such as who is the target audience and what is the message your product is trying to convey.

Ø  Shape

One of the most important design variables that influence customers’ purchasing decisions is the shape. Much like colors, shapes tend to communicate different meanings. For instance, sharp, angular shapes emphasize masculinity, while designs with soft edges and curves lean towards femininity.

A common mistake that many businesses make is they overlook the significance of making the shape stand out when designing their packaging. Playing around with shapes is a great way to make your product shine amongst a sea of other products on the market shelves.

When designing a visually appealing shape for your packaging, you must also consider the practical aspects and ergonomics. The shape of your packaging should not hamper the performance or the use of the products.

Ø  Texture

Businesses put a lot of emphasis on the creative elements, logos, and graphics, but what about the texture of the packaging?

How big of an impact does it have on the consumers’ brand perception?

According to research, consumers tend to gravitate towards smoother and softer textures when it comes to retail packaging. While an appealing packaging design is the first thing that captures the customer’s attention, it is the way it feels that induces a much stronger response.

When deciding on the appropriate texture for your packaging design, you must consider what type of product you are selling. For instance, some products may require glossy, laminated finishing, while others might go well with a plain cardboard packaging.

Products that are intended as presents should perceptibly feel more elegant and classier in contrast to their blog-standard counterparts. If you want to convey the idea that you have spent the most on the product itself, you might want to skip any fancy packaging and go for something minimal like a plain box or a brown paper.


Ø  Typography

Do you think that Coca-Cola would be the same without its iconic red cursive font? Would Disney have the same grand appeal without their unusual cursive font?

We don’t think so. Something common you will notice in all top brands is the use of whimsical typography that adds on to their global recognition and appeal.  Businesses can use well-articulated typography as an effective communication tool to cement their brand message.

Despite the conventional wisdom that a picture speaks a thousand words, your packaging design requires typography as a tool for creating a well-balanced graphical design. Much like colors, typography has meaning and can therefore be used to represent your brand values and tone.

When designing typography, make sure that you create something that complements your brand image and positively reinforces your product. Good typography can augment the appeal of your visual layout and can make your packaging stand out in the fierce market competition.

Ø  Graphics

The graphic design of the packaging is essentially a composite assembly of all the different design elements. Your selection of color palette, shape, texture, and typography collectively influence the visual appeal of your product packaging.

Effective packaging graphics is something that will drive maximum traffic to your product and will consequently help you grow your business. A winning packaging design is the one that effectively communicates your brand story and values to the consumers. You want to give customers something that is distinctively recognizable and inimitable.


The discussed packaging design variables act as effective brand communication vehicle to attract consumers and influence their purchasing decisions. Whether it the packaging’s color palette, typography, or finishing, graphic designing provides so many exciting options for your product packaging.

Exploring the psychology behind the packaging is important for designers to understand how they can use tools to create value for modern consumers. To build loyalty, you must work on creating a connection between your brand and the consumers. 

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