How Dark Matter Coffee Enhanced its Profit Margin with Cost-Effective Packaging

Dark Matter Coffee Client Success Story

Dark Matter Coffee, stemming from an innovative culinary family, excels when it comes to cozy cups of coffee formulated with unique blends.

Whether you desire to brew a pot of classic dark coffee for an energetic punch or indulge in your favorite notes of Ferrero Rocher or Vanilla, they can serve your meaning of “enjoyment” with super caffeinated ready-to-drink coffee cans. Dark Matter Coffee never stops extending its boundaries to create something fascinating for coffee lovers - they offer experimental fermentations, barrel-aged, and cask-conditioned coffee versions. They make barrel-aged coffees in limited quantities, so hurry while their batch lasts.

Do your day right by embracing diversity in coffee by picking the most intellectually honest coffee! They directly source their coffee beans from the high grounds of Goutamoula, El Salvador, Mexico, and Colombia. Their universe of coffee surely intrigues the beautiful and complex world of cocoa. Dark Coffee Matters explores the coffee beans' complexity and malleability, letting them present a cup with exaggerated and wild nuances.

They bring a difference that can be tasted in every cup!

You can buy coffee equipment and favorite drinkware from their extensive collection to refine your tasteful coffee experience. Grincier, brewer, grinder, french press, and the list continues!

Established on 4th July 2007, they have completed 15 years of excellence. Encircling sustainability and impartial business practices, they have upheld sourcing transparency that helps maintain unparalleled quality control. Also, Dark Coffee Matters has a distinctive approach to coffee packaging boxes that supports it to stand out from the rest of its competitors.

They promise balanced flavor profiles in each cup, from creamy and sweet to fruity and wine-like, clean and sharp to chocolaty.


Dark Matter Coffee was looking for an option to get exceptional quality packaging at affordable and competitive prices.

With gifted culinary innovators and otherworldly visual artists, they have made something EXTRAORDINARY. However during the recession, controlling prices became the preference of the business. They tried to cut down the prices without compromising on the unboxing experience and convenience of its customers. They were convinced that packaging always plays a vital role in attracting more clientele, but staying within budget constraints and getting the quality right was the main challenge for the company.

“Due to a limited budget, finding the packaging company that could deliver the best packaging at affordable prices including aesthetics, appeal, and uniqueness was our major concern.”

~Jesse Diaz

Receiving more market penetration and sales of their coffee was not easy for Dark Matter Coffee, especially with no access to an effective packaging partner who could manufacture custom coffee boxes at lower prices.


Searching for a reliable packaging partner, they came across Half Price Packaging, where Zack Brown catered to their demands. He communicated with Dark Matter Coffee representatives and guided them throughout the process of packaging solutions from start to end.

Half Price Packaging delivered custom tuck boxes made of white card stock with precise dimensions of 2.0469 x 5.1965 x 0.2751 inches at the most competitive price of USD 1250 for 2500 boxes. To maximize durability, we fixed the thickness of boxes at 270gsm/14pt card stock.

“In addition to the size being just what we wanted, the printing looks fantastic.”

~Jesse Diaz

Our CMYK printing technology allowed us to create coffee boxes in 2 color printing while keeping in consideration the pocket of our client. To add grace to the printing and make it non-fading, we applied a smooth matte finish that acted as a protective layer over the coffee box exterior. Despite the bulk quantity, the order was delivered with the fastest turnaround, within 8-10 days, via DHL and FedEx.

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High profits in a business were helpful for the company's flourishment.

Half Price Packaging offers the best prices to Dark Matter Coffee, so they not only can handle the spikes in prices but also manage to beat their competitors by providing a cohesive brand experience to their customers. The right dimensions and thickness of boxes keep their products safer and simpler for transition.

Half Price Packaging X Dark Matter Coffee was a successful collaboration that helped it meet its annual sales goal.

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