Custom Retail Packaging Ideas: Suggestions for Various Materials

custom retail packaging

Table of Contents

  1. Plastic Bottles

  2. Play with Shapes

  3. Symbolize it With Your Product

  4. Color Shading

  5. Cardboard Boxes

  6. Creative Cutouts

  7. Add Text and Pictures

  8. Unique Custom Retail Packaging

  9. Metal

  10. Look Shifting

  11. Engraving

  12. Add Upgrades

Tips for Your Final Choice

"I am not a makeup person, but I love wearable products that are easy to use with fun packaging." ~Charlotte Ronson

For forever, people have been choosing products based on their packaging. Since most of the products have similar composition, it is wiser to choose something which looks better and lives up to its price and reputation.

According to Dotcom Distribution, 61% of people say they are much more likely to purchase a luxury product if it came in premium packaging.

In the former times, most products were packed in Standard Cardboard Boxes, but why go for standard, when you can customize your own. In the modern era, you can select your style and implement your creativity, to make your gifts, sincerely personal and innovative.

Think You Know a lot about Packaging Ideas, Well Let's Test You

There are so many styles that you can choose from and can even create when opting for custom printed retail packaging. With such variety, why stop? Let your mind and creativity amaze you!

The great thing about custom packaging is that there are no certain requirements for the materials you use. Use metal, cardboard boxes, or plastic, if your design and color combination is great, then your product is already a bestseller.

Let's see if you knew about these innovative custom retail packaging ideas!

Plastic Bottles

(a) Play with Shapes

Why pack your fluid products into boring cylinder shapes? Give your products an amazing appeal, just by using a different shape. By using multiple side 3D shapes, you can give your bottle a base, and can create a design never seen before.

(b) Symbolize it With Your Product

The best way to guarantee attraction towards your product is to portray its real meaning. Symbolize your product's specifications by altering colors, size, and width. With so many options to do so, if you nail the perfect look, it can be a masterstroke for your sales.

(c) Color Shading

Colors have always been the main source of attraction in products, haven't they? Then why not play them in your favor?

Use the most unique, bold, and attractive color combinations, to make your products stand out from the others. With plastic, the glossy texture is also a plus point, which makes your product seem better.

According to a report from the Packaging Of The World, 70% of customers form their first impression of a brand on its packaging.

Cardboard Boxes

(a) Creative Cutouts

Since cardboard can be easily bent and cut out, you can use it to create designs that have never been seen before. Make sure that your cutouts match the basis of your products. If done, your product will easily gain a Unique Selling Price (USP).

(b) Add Text and Pictures

Using texture to distinguish your custom packing boxes could be precisely what you need to set your products apart from the competition. When it comes to purchasing things, many buyers rely on their sense of touch.

If your product is fully packaged but small enough for customers to pick it up, it is critical that you spend time thinking about initial impressions. When it comes to visuals, graphics will always be at the top of the list.

With cardboard, you can easily adjust catchy slogans, emblems, and logos, on the cardboard boxes. Create your custom retail packaging, by adjusting your preferred text and pictures. Your customers would love something which pulls them closer to the product, even in a busy shopping mall.

(c) Unique Custom Retail Packaging

Another useful tip is to use designs that can be easily associated with real items but change the material used. Providing association to real items, it can make your product more realistic and approach towards customers.


(a) Look Shifting

Unlike cardboard boxes, metal cannot be cut out or bent. But if molded using excessive temperature, it can make the custom retail packaging beautiful and sleek. Choose an appropriate and applicable design, and then set your machines accordingly, to deliver amazing packaging.

(b) Engraving

This is one of the few materials on which engraving is possible. By engraving your mission statement or slogans on your metal packaging, it can make the firm seem classier and more professional. Engraving your custom retail packaging is the smart way to upgrade your reputation! Don't you agree?

(c) Add Upgrades

In metal packaging, there is also a tendency to add further upgrade options, which can accommodate other materials too. For example, the addition of straw holders on drink cans, etc.

Tips for Your Final Choice

Whichever material you choose for your products, make sure that you can show an appropriate link to your products, can portray your innovation, and can use creativity to devise sensible designs and color combinations. If you succeed in fulfilling this criterion, then there's no hurdle in your way of impressing your customers.

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