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Chewing Gum Packaging: 7 Cool Designs to Spark Inspiration

chewing gum packaging

Starting the design from scratch is a great way to feel numb, especially if you haven’t gotten the inspiration first. Studies have shown that individuals working on creative projects are stuck in the mental block faster as compared to other repetitive tasks. If you are a packaging designer, you know this mental block exists and leads to unproductive work.

So, without further ado, let’s explore some of the best chewing gum packaging design inspirations to move the needle of creativity.

Happy Monster by Andy Zelman

happy monster by andy zelman

Andy’s design is both functional and playful. It's a box of bubble gum designed to look like a monster with large eyes and a toothy grin. The box is presented in a cubic shape with rounded edges. The body of the box features 4 distinctive colors of red, green, orange, and blue, with the monster’s face covering the front. He did an amazing job with the visuals of the iconic monster. It has big eyes with cute black pupils and a wide smile with visible teeth.

Why is this design inspirational for gum packaging? This is why:

  • The design is colorful and cartoony, which appeals to children, the main target market for bubble gum.

  • The monster icon is a character that is associated with the bubble gum brand. So with more recognition from the target audience, the more the image of the brand flourishes.

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