Bath Nutts Farmhouse Finding Success with Custom Window Die-Cut Boxes Made By Half Price Packaging

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Bath Nutts Farmhouse is not like any other family-owned skincare business – a big thanks to their commitment to the ideal “trifecta” of Faith, Family, and Farm. Run by a small family deeply rooted in Christian values, the brand is driven by the desire to lionize God by using nature's exotic and healing gifts to produce quality skincare products that nourish not only the skin but also the soul.

While staying committed to organic excellence, they founded ways to harness the power of nature for skin care through meticulous research and relentless dedication.

In the skincare industry, authenticity and purity has increasingly become sought after. Starting from a small place and steadfastly endeavoring to maintain the highest standard of organic products in a world where synthetic alternatives are dominating, Bath Nutts Farmhouse has put the maximum efforts into instilling the significance of using natural skincare products within the consciousness of buyers.

Among their offerings are goat's milk and tallow soaps to restore your natural skin, premium goat milk lotion for softer and silkier feels, facial serums and creams to pump up your face beauty, and lip balms for luscious lips. Apart from standing as a standard of authenticity and integrity in the competitive skincare industry, they offer Concrete Candles and Wax Melts in various flavors and aromas.

You must browse their wide-ranging assortment of farmhouse, home-made skincare products comprising nutrient-rich goat milk as a prime ingredient. Their products speak volumes about their promise of delivering holistic well-being!


How can a packaging expert fine-tune each aspect of the box with custom-shaped window cuts?

While brainstorming ideas to maintain their loyal clientele and engage new buyers, the owner of Bath Nutts Farmhouse was captivated by the impression and potential of utilizing custom die cut boxes. It can be their solution to showcase their products effectively and enrich product presentation as well as mirror the brand's discerning taste in aesthetics.

“Finding a packaging partner able to deliver tailored packaging solutions that perfectly aligns with our brand's aesthetic and flair was a real struggle”

~Jordan McNutt, Owner of Bath Nutts Farmhouse

But the real challenge was to find a custom box packaging partner whom they could rely on confidently for the precision of custom-shaped cuts, who preferred using superlative technologies, and who was considered the maven of die-cutting windows in all sizes, styles, and shapes.


custom soap box

Collaborative Journey With Bath Nutts Farmhouse!

Excited to realize this vision of Bath Nutts Farmhouse, Half Price Packaging took the lead – offering expert advice on packaging materials and styles and window sizing and design. Quoted at $222.5 for this specific box, they proceeded to place the order for rectangular tuck boxes and also asked our experts for design assistance to create a masterpiece. Being primed to deliver free 3D design services, we create ideal custom soap boxes as well as branded boxes for balms, creams, and candles.

We sprang into action and provided the client with an array of design proofs, guaranteeing that every branding element was accurately blended. The boxes were crafted from 300 GSM/16pt cardstock material with L 2.618 x W 1.368 x H 3.618 inches dimensions. The exterior was printed (2-color printing) with a snazzy design, enhanced by a luxurious soft-touch lamination that brought gentleness and subtlety. Upon receiving feedback, several modifications were made per the client's preferences.

“The team's attention to detail and keenness to meeting our precise requirements of custom die-cut window boxes truly topped our expectations.”

~Jordan McNutt, Owner of Bath Nutts Farmhouse

While staying true to our principle of designing quality packaging swiftly, we delivered 250 window-cut packaging boxes with a shipping timeline of 4 to 6 business days via DHL. Impressed by the professionalism exemplified throughout the process, they left positive remarks on Trustpilot.


Window-cut custom packaging kindling a ripple effect of positive outcomes!

With window-cut boxes, Bath Nutts Farmhouse was able to make their products characteristically picture-perfect and Instagram-worthy.

From asking for attention and engagement on social media platforms to a noticeable hike in sales, ensuring the safe shipping and display of their products to reinforcing customer trust - the Half Price Packaging X Bath Nutts Farmhouse collaboration helped the brand stick to its commitment to excellence beyond mere aesthetics.

The need for state-of-the-art packaging has become essential due to the rise of technology, sustainability preferences, and changing consumer behaviors. And, we are leading with packaging innovation you can always count on!

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