Flash Back To The Vintage Packaging Designs Era

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Not just in the world of fashion but also in many other fields, vintage fashion is making a comeback. Some serious retro inspiration is unpacking in the custom packaging area. While the reasons for the rise in popularity of vintage styles can be debated for hours, there is no denying that they evoke a feeling of nostalgia and frequently are of higher quality and value.  

On any type of packaging, from folding cartons to packaging sleeves, retro packaging designs can be used to pack practically anything, e.g., from toothpaste to chocolates. Brands that sell items popular in the 1970s and 1980s tend to favor vintage designs the most.  

Retro design is sometimes chosen by well-established companies to preserve their originality and highlight their traditional values. For instance, P&G uses historical packaging for its 1879-founded Ivory soap bars business. The design features a vintage font and the traditional pairing of white and blue. 

Let us take you to the old vintage era where everything is aesthetically pleasing and high-quality:  

Why Retro Design Packaging? 

One of the biggest trends in the packaging industry is vintage, which may seem strange to some since the 2020s are a decade that has long been referred to as "the future" by books, movies, and other works of fiction.  

However, there are some good reasons for the rising demand for retro design in modern product packaging. It is difficult to deny the appeal of the vintage aesthetic of nostalgic color palettes and vintage designs.  

Three factors primarily fuel vintage packaging.  


Your packaging is an additional opportunity for you to advertise if you're a creative entrepreneur who appreciates the value of branding in your packaging design. If you look at recent market trends, you will know that consumers have shown to reach for products packed in vintage packaging because they are available in high-quality and visual dynamics from the past.  

Bringing Back the Nostalgia Feel 

"The future is a kind of nostalgia." ~ John Green  

The past is something we often romanticize. However, that is one of the unique qualities of nostalgia. It's a sensation. It's a feeling. That's why many people today, including those from younger generations who can't recall the "good old days," still love vintage design packaging.  


Retro style design is simple but produces positive results of customer demand in the market. Many customers, especially younger ones, do not want excessively complicated packaging supplies and are prepared to go out of their way to avoid goods that don't cater to their desire.

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Vintage Design Ideas

Some inspiration might give you some ideas if your brand adopts a more vintage look. 

Focus on the Font  

Your products will stand out from the competition using the right typography. Typography is valuable because there are so many competing products on the market. You need every advantage you can get. You can catch the eye with an appealing retro logo design with catch fonts.  

It is common to incorporate calligraphy into vintage designs because it was so popular in the 1990s. Fonts capture the eyes even from a distance. People will love your packaging if it uses calligraphy or similar fonts. 

Vintage Color Combinations

The right color combinations can help customers remember your brand and make your packaging stand out from the competition. Previously, neon and other vivid hues were not the preferred colors. The colors that brands chose instead were darker and almost duller. The printed versions of these colors did not look good. A retro 80s design color scheme can work wonders for your company. Consider the designs below for ideas. 

Text-Heavy Packaging 

Typically, brands would include a lot of text on the packaging. Back then, businesses essentially used packaging as unpaid advertising to promote their goods and educate consumers about the product and brand. On the Boxes, they would print advertising for the products, information about the ingredients, and occasionally even manufacturing details. 

For example, you can use slang for your retro t-shirt design to attract the younger generation.  

This idea can be a little tricky as some people prefer funky colors and designs while others may like simple and elegant patterns.

Fun and Colorful Images 

If you prefer not to use a lot of text on your boxes, why not use amusing retro graphic design and comics instead? To draw customers' attention, boxes were frequently printed with hand-drawn illustrations. Think outside the box when choosing the type of illustration, you want to appear on your packaging.  

These innovative vintage style ideas are drawing customers and evoking feelings of nostalgia even though they are a throwback to the retro era. It facilitates a stronger audience-brand relationship.

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Final Thoughts 

Perhaps this traditional packaging method will result in the ideal product display for businesses looking to engage with customers in new directions. As the market for vintage packaging grows, the store shelves sparkle with timeless color palettes, evocative typography, and concise product descriptions. For the foreseeable future, it would be fair to say that vintage packaging will continue to be popular. 

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