Pink Elegance: Churro on Top & Half Price Packaging Deliver Tasty Treats!

Churro On Top

Today, we are thrilled to share the success story of our amazing partnership with Churro On Top! This brand, famous for its mouthwatering churros and lively vibe, teamed up with us, and the results were fantastic. Our creative packaging solutions not only made their churros look even more irresistible but also gave their sales a serious boost.

“Churro On Top” is a delightful churro and milkshake bar located in Arlington, Texas. Founded by Anum and her husband, the bar offers over 30 flavors of churros and 20 handcrafted milkshake varieties. Each churro is a unique twist on the traditional Spanish treat, paired perfectly with their delicious, real ice cream milkshakes. Churro On Top promises a pleasant experience that satisfies customers with every bite and sip.

When Anum faced challenges with packaging her half-dozen and one-dozen churros, she reached out to us at Half Price Packaging. With the assistance of our dedicated customer service representative, Steve Parker, we set out to create custom bakery boxes that would not only preserve the freshness of her products but also align with her brand’s vibrant identity.

Our team at Half Price Packaging provided custom bakery boxes made from durable white card stock, with a thickness of 350 GSM/18 pt, to ensure the safety and quality of Churro On Top's delectable treats. These boxes were designed to precise specifications, measuring 5" x 5" x 2" and adopting a bakery box shape with a collapsible style for easy storage and handling. With our expertise in design, we offered comprehensive design assistance to align the boxes effortlessly with Churro On Top's brand image.

Besides design, the colors were thoughtfully selected in CMYK and Pantone to match the brand's radiant palette, while printing was executed both inside and outside the boxes to maximize brand visibility. To add a classy touch and avoid fingerprints, we went with a matte lamination finish to enhance the overall aesthetic appeal.

The offer and quote for this project amounted to $2930 for a quantity of 10,000 units, with a shipping timeline of 25-30 days facilitated by DHL. Additionally, we also provided a sample kit to ensure the final product met Churro On Top's exacting standards.

Upon receiving the order, Anum was overjoyed with the results and commented, "We absolutely love the colors of the boxes; they match our brand colors perfectly, just what we needed."

This collaboration extended beyond box creation. Steve played a crucial role in this teamwork. He offered continuous support and expertise, assisting Anum with diverse packaging requirements such as cookie bags, business slogan design, color shades, and party boxes in various dimensions. His clear communication, patience, and dedication ensured our success with Churro On Top.

Anum thanked him, saying, “Steve was incredibly helpful every step of the way. He did an outstanding job, as always. He's easy to reach, knowledgeable, and trustworthy."

Anum's appreciation highlights Steve's invaluable support and our team's commitment to excellent service.

At Half Price Packaging, we strive to build lasting relationships and exceed expectations. Anum's trust in our brand is a testament to the dedication of every team member involved in her project, from our designers to quality assurance specialists, with Steve serving as the backbone of this fruitful collaboration.

We want to express our deep gratitude to Anum and Churro On Top for choosing us as their packaging partner. Your satisfaction motivates us to pursue excellence, and we are eager to continue working together, creating unforgettable experiences, box by box.

As Anum put it, “Big thanks, Half Price Packaging! Really grateful for your work. Excited to do more business with you. Keep up the great work!"

Churro On Top symbolizes creativity and pleasure in the churros and milkshakes world, and we are honored to contribute to their sweet success story at Half Price Packaging.

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