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The Year of Change: Top 5 Trends Influencing the Pharma Packaging Industry in 2020

What do we exactly do with the packaging after buying a product? Without any second thoughts, we happen to throw it in the garbage. But, have you ever thought what happens or where does the package go after that? Yes, I am referring to the recycling of materials, and when it comes to reuse whatever... Read More

How Mailer Boxes Are Acting as The Springboard for Logistics Industry

It might sound that mailer boxes are only used for mailing purposes, but these stereotypical needs in the past few years have revolutionized completely. In the present age of manufacturing technolgies, where every small or big businesses carry their management through a myriad of sources,... Read More

The Ultimate Guide on How Packaging Can Impact Customer Perception

The competition is deadly and fierce, and the consumers are bombarded with too many marketing stimuli that are masked behind a universe of options. Studies show that consumers are exposed to 20,000+ choices within the first half an hour of the shopping session. It is tough to stay relevant and... Read More

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