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Increase the Sales of your Bakery Business with Our Eye-Catching Custom Biscuit Boxes

Besides cakes and donuts, the most famous and sought-after bakery items are cookies and biscuits. They are so drool-worthy and mouth-watering! But if their packaging is plain with dull colors, customers are more likely to pass by without noticing them. No matter how luscious and flavorful your biscuits are, they will never increase your sales unless packed in colorful and appealing packaging.

Half Price Packaging is available around the clock for the ease of customers! We take pride in offering a wide selection of customization options. Customize a color scheme that matches your brand identity. Add a tagline, logo, or other branding elements to make your biscuit packaging box a mobile billboard. Strategic incorporation of branding techniques maximizes the chances of your brand being recognized by a lot of people, hence capturing potential buyers.

Keep Your Cookies Stay Fresh & Save Them from Crumbling

Half Price Packaging handpicks each stock to let you explore, create, and innovate with your packaging.

Our custom biscuit boxes’ materials promise protection, reliability, convenience of use, end-to-end customizability, and branding. These boxes will maintain their original shape, ensuring a charismatic appearance as well as giving you a competitive edge. We make sure to offer maximum protection against external damages, thus increasing the shelf life of biscuits. Boxes can be ordered in any thickness from 9pt to 24pt. For added strength, you can order multi-layered or double-walled boxes. Our extensive collection for biscuits packaging box comprises cardboard, biodegradable Kraft, bux and paper board, heavy-duty corrugated, and sturdy rigid boxes.

Personalized Biscuit Boxes for Retail, Subscription, Shipping, And Storing

Whether established businesses or home start-ups, we have a lot of tips and tricks to design an excellent biscuit packaging for you, including:

  • Customized window die cut boxes

  • Unique typography in labeling

  • Festive ribbons

  • Colorful bows

  • Tempting illustrations

  • Embossing or debossing

  • Special, protective coatings

  • Glossy or silk laminations

For special occasions like birthdays, we offer special-themed boxes. So, if you want to have any character-themed boxes or like to incorporate personalized birthday messages or hand notes, let us know. We make sure to meet all your biscuit box design specifications.

Plus, our packaging experts can add compartments, sliders, or inserts to prevent the breakage of individual biscuits during transit. From all the options available, you can choose anything that suits your brand needs. It's all up to you how you want to communicate with your targeted audience through the biscuits packaging box. If you don’t have any special requirements, you can select from our vast library. Our packaging is available in all shapes, sizes, patterns, colors, and designs.

Interactive & Sustainable Biscuit Box Packaging at Half Price Packaging

We also provide 100% recyclable material, best for eco-conscious consumers.

Opting for our sustainable and food-grade packaging material like kraft paper is the way to go. It not only shows your commitment towards environmental responsibility but also prevents the biscuits from contamination. The use of thoughtfully crafted and high-quality biscuit boxes makes a significant difference in increasing your brand visibility.

For authenticity and credibility, we offer technology integration like QR codes for efficient traceability. We provide brands a golden chance to let their buyers find your social media presence by scanning codes.

The favored choice for bakery owners, our boxes look presentable and stylish even when non-printed but only personalized with your brand’s logo. From remarkable grease-resistance properties to guaranteeing full control over the printing, designs, and themes for the bespoke cookie box packaging, we deliver high-quality services. So, if you also want to enhance your brand identity without breaking the bank, Half Price Packaging has got your back. We offer exemplary packaging solutions with attractive discounts on bulk or wholesale orders. We have a wide variety of designs to select from. In addition to this, Half Price Packaging provides up-to-the-mark CMYK, Digital, and Pantone printing.

To get exquisite custom biscuit boxes without compromising the quality, choose Half Price Packaging.

If you have any special custom requests, our expert team is here to help you. Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get catchy boxes with all the required information.