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Get High-End Packaging Variety For Your Toothsome Bonbon

Half Price Packaging offers comprehensive packaging solutions in myriad materials, sizes, and colors to create the perfect bonbon box for your needs. From selecting the finest materials to crafting custom shapes and innovative structural styles, we provide end-to-end support to tailor your desired boxes.

Premium Materials:

We offer the finest selection of materials for packaging bonbon. Whether you desire sturdy cardboard, elegant paperboard, luxurious velvet, or satin, our vast range of stock ensures that you can find the perfect option to complement the sophistication of your bonbons. The thickness of the boxes can be adjusted per your requirements. We have stock from 9pt to 24pt.

With our commitment to quality, you can trust that your chocolates will be beautifully presented and well-protected in our premium packaging materials.

Eye-Getting Shapes:

Our packaging experts understand the importance of creating bon bon boxes that stand out. That's why we offer diverse shapes to suit every preference and occasion. From classic squares and rectangles to modern geometric shapes, romantic hearts, and simple yet graceful circles, we are ready to get as creative as possible.

Our bon bon boxes are equipped to hold 9, 18, or 36 chocolates or are available by weight, catering to any occasion. We can incorporate dividers for organized storage and handle options for easy transport to enhance functionality.

Practical Yet Classy Styles:

Our bonbon box styles are fascinating and equally functional, providing maximum protection for your delicate, lavish chocolate bonbons. Half Price Packaging has:

  • Folding Carton Boxes

These are convenient and versatile, with options for tuck flaps or magnetic clasps.

  • Drawer-Style Boxes

For easy access to chocolates, this style ensures chocolates are neatly displayed and effortlessly retrieved.

  • Nested Boxes

These give a charming nesting effect, with smaller boxes fitting snugly within larger ones for an elegant display.

  • Pop-Up Boxes

Delight the recipient with unique unfolding action, adding an engaging and dynamic touch to your packaging.

  • Explosion Boxes

You can add as many layers as you want to create excitement with a surprising unboxing. These are perfect for special occasions and gifts.

This sleek and modern design provides a decent presentation for chocolate goodies.

  • Hexagonal Boxes

This style has six sides for visually interesting vibes. You can add ribbons or other embellishments to make them ideal for wedding and birthday gifts.

  • Cylinder Tubes

Their elongated shape not only provides an attractive outlook but also offers practicality in storage and transportation.

  • Window Boxes

Best to be used for packaging small gifts, party favors, retail packaging, or promotional items.

Apart from these styles, our rigid magnetic boxes with ribbon closures embody the essence of luxury and grace, making it the most famous packaging style for bonbons. These are designed to impress even the most discerning recipients!

Supercharge your Confectionary Sales with Our Custom Printed Bonbon Packaging

So many delicious desserts go unnoticed by customers simply because of dull designs and unattractive packaging. Investing in captivating, branded packaging that highlights the uniqueness of your luscious chocolate candies is essential. That's where custom-printed bonbon boxes come in. Half Price Packaging goes above and beyond to give bonbon packaging a regal and expensive look with amazing designs and finishing touches.

Cutting-Edge Printing:

Our state-of-the-art printing technology allows us to integrate raised textures into your bonbon boxes for a deluxe feel. When customers run their fingers over the raised letters of your logo or feel the intricate patterns of your design, the tactile sensation leaves a lasting impression. This sensation reinforces the quality and attention to detail that your brand represents.

With vibrant colors and themes, your bonbons become irresistible to sweet lovers. From almond to raspberry, dark chocolate to coffee, our bakery boxes ensure your unique flavors get the attention they deserve, turning curious customers into loyal fans.

Style and Resilience with Premium Finishes:

Wondering how to keep your bon bon boxes safe while making them look stunning? Our special coatings provide extra protection and enhance the visual allure. We offer:

  • Foil stamping

  • Anti-scratch lamination

  • Soft-touch lamination

  • satin/velvet lamination

  • Matte/glossy/satin/metallic finishes

  • embossing/debossing

  • UV coating

  • Spot varnish

  • Aqueous coating, etc.

Besides these, we have a variety of other options, too! Each of these offers special benefits like safety from external factors, professional appearance, and a smooth, silky feel. For customization, a range of colors and effects are available to match branding or product aesthetics.

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Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What's the difference between a truffle and a bonbon?
Bonbons are chocolates with various fillings, such as fruit or cream, surrounded by a chocolate shell. On the other hand, Truffles have a creamy chocolate center and are often coated in cocoa powder, nuts, or other toppings. So, while both are delicious treats, the main difference lies in what's inside and how they're finished on the outside.
How do you package bonbons?
You can keep your chocolates safe right from the beginning with candy boxes, inserts, or pads. Pick options that are food-safe and help maintain the neatness and separation of your chocolates.
How can I improve my chocolate packaging?
Wrapping chocolate in foil, paper, or plastic is best because these materials help keep it fresh by protecting it from things that can make it spoil faster, like humidity, light, odors, heat, etc.
What makes a good chocolate packaging?
Materials like aluminum foil and specialized plastic films have barrier properties, shielding chocolate from moisture and grease to maintain freshness.
What is the best color for chocolate packaging?
Chocolate bonbon packaging often uses deep colors like brown, red, or gold to make it look fancy and attractive. These hues give a luxurious and elegant look, making the product more appealing to customers.