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Get Your Wig Protected Yet Organized with Custom Wig Packaging Boxes

Wigs are made from real or artificial hair and are delicate. They can get damaged in no time, and cannot be used again if not stored properly. Therefore, our wig storage boxes are mandatory to keep them safe.

Choose our wig packaging boxes with protective inserts that help you to keep them in place and intact. And yes, well sorted, too! You can consult with our material assistants to select the best option from our wide collection comprising Kraft, corrugated, rigid, and cardboard for your valuable wigs.

Make an Impression on Buyers and Promote Your Brand Effectively

Solidify your brand through custom wig boxes with logo and create hype in the market with premium packaging.

You can pack your various style wigs in wig customized boxes with stunning choices that give your customers a nifty unboxing experience. Such as hinged lid-style boxes to lid pull-off to two-piece style boxes!

Our expert team uses trendy printing techniques including CMYK printing, digital printing and offset printing with precise die-cutting or/and striking coating on cardboard wig boxes to grab buyers' attention. With us get your brand name, logo, or other branding elements printed with embossing, debossing, or hot stamping in gold/silver foil on wig wholesale boxes and promote your brand. We also provide high-quality hair dryer box packaging at wholesale prices.

Choose Trustworthy Box Manufacturer

All our packaging processes are in-house which allows us to offer reasonable prices whether it's cosmetic packaging boxes,  apparel and fashion packaging boxes, or more, as compared to others. Once you finalized and decided on the order number, leave quality production to us. We never compromise on quality! With us, you can enjoy free delivery at your doorstep with the fastest turnaround of about 8-15 business days.

Contact us through email at [email protected] or call 866-225-2112 to get the best packaging solutions. Our customer support service agent is available 24/7 for your service, and our expert will help you with finding the best innovative ideas.

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

How many customization options are available in custom wig boxes?
We provide you with the flexibility to choose between the size, shape, style, design, and perfect materials for your custom wig boxes.
How can I obtain a price quotation for wig boxes wholesale?
Acquiring a price estimate is a straightforward process. You can convey your requirements for wig boxes wholesale to us through live chat, email, or our contact methods.
What's your usual delivery time for custom wig boxes?
Our standard procedure, encompassing printing, production, and delivery, typically requires approximately 8 to 15 business days.
How do CMYK and Pantone (PMS) Colors differ?
CMYK blends four colors to create a wide spectrum, akin to mixing paint. In contrast, Pantone (PMS) provides precise solid colors, ensuring an exact match in a single hue.
What packaging material do you use for manufacturing custom wig boxes?
Our packaging materials comprise cardboard, Kraft, rigid, and corrugated. All of them are sustainable and 100% eco-friendly.