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Give your packages a branded and personalized touch with custom Tissue Paper. With low minimums, you can switch up your noissue Tissue for seasonal collections

Product Overview

Transform your t-shirts and caps brand with our custom packaging solutions, making a bold brand statement in the retail world. With over a decade of expertise, we offer a variety of styles, sizes, and print finishes for personalized apparel boxes. Our easy-to-assemble, flat-shipped boxes leave a lasting impression. Elevate your apparel brand with personalized shirt boxes featuring your logo. Our lightweight, high-quality, fully customizable shirt boxes are designed to make a lasting impression on the shelf and captivate your customers. Benefit from swift turnaround times, complimentary design support from our packaging experts, and competitive pricing – we're confident they'll impress you as well.

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Learn More About Tshirts and Caps

Custom T-shirt Packaging

Custom t-shirt packaging enhances the appeal of your product. T-shirts, popular among all genders and ages, require quality packaging to reflect their excellence. Customizing t-shirt packaging with stunning designs, vibrant color schemes, and various sizes elevates its aesthetic and amplifies product quality.

Elevate Your Brand with Printed T-Shirt Boxes

Our printed t-shirt packaging is more than just quality and beautiful design; it embodies the essence of trust and high quality. In the world of fashion, branding is paramount. Customers seek out branded clothes with unique logos that distinguish them from replicas. We offer diverse logo solutions to help new brands make a memorable impact in the market.

Round Tube Paper T-Shirt Boxes

Introducing our Round Tube Paper T-Shirt Boxes, meticulously crafted from eco-friendly materials. Embracing a fresh trend, eco-conscious consumers are opting for eco-friendly paper tubes to package items like t-shirts, underwear, caps, and apparel. These paper tube packaging solutions not only cost nearly half as much as traditional rectangular clothing boxes but also offer a distinctive and eye-catching presence on retail shelves.

These cylindrical wonders not only showcase an elegant design but also exude sturdiness. Made to protect and present your garments with finesse, their robust construction ensures your t-shirts remain pristine during transport or display. The round shape adds a touch of uniqueness, setting your brand apart. Elevate your packaging game with sustainable, resilient boxes that combine form and function seamlessly. Choose Round Tube Paper T-shirt boxes for a packaging solution that's as strong and stylish as your brand.

Eco-friendly T-Shirts Sleeves

Wrap your eco-conscious t-shirts in sustainable style with our Eco-friendly T-shirt sleeves. Printed using water-based inks, these sleeves protect your garments and the environment. Our digital printing ensures vibrant, sharp designs with minimal carbon footprint. Choose a greener way to showcase your brand and its commitment to eco-responsibility with our eco-friendly t-shirt sleeves.

Cap Packaging with Magnetic Closure & Window

Elevate your cap presentation with our exquisite cap packaging featuring a magnetic closure and a clear window. These cap boxes provide secure storage and a captivating sneak peek at your stylish caps. The magnetic closure adds a touch of sophistication, ensuring your caps are securely encased. The transparent window showcases your brand's craftsmanship, creating an enticing visual appeal. Make an unforgettable impression with packaging that blends aesthetics and functionality seamlessly. Choose Cap packaging with magnetic closure and window to display your cap inside a luxury box to give a premium unboxing experience to your customers.

Elevate Your T-Shirt Packaging with Distinctive Box Structures

Elegance should always remain in vogue. When your t-shirts are adored by customers, your packaging should complement their charm. That's why Urgent Boxes now offers a variety of box structures, each with its unique style, to enhance your custom t-shirt packaging.

Our available box styles include:

  • Custom Tray and Sleeves

  • Two-Piece Boxes

  • Mailer Boxes

  • Tuck Top Boxes

  • Roll Ends with Lids

These structures can be tailored to perfectly match your custom t-shirt boxes, adding a touch of sophistication.

Our High-Quality Cardboard T-Shirt Boxes Guarantee Durability

Customize your shirt packaging, and watch your t-shirt demand soar worldwide. To capture the hearts of t-shirt enthusiasts, your shirt boxes must be exceptionally durable. At Half Price Packaging, we craft apparel boxes from premium, eco-friendly cardboard stock, ensuring 100% durability. Meet your customers' packaging expectations with our cardboard shirt boxes!

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Why Us?

When it comes to custom packaging solutions, Half Price Packaging stands as your unwavering ally, committed to delivering excellence at every step. Our passion for innovation, dedication to quality, and unmatched customer service make us the ultimate choice for all your packaging needs. Choose personalized t-shirt box packaging designed to meet your exact requirements. We prioritize cap packaging to ensure your products arrive in impeccable condition. Our dedicated team is ready to support you at every step, ensuring a seamless packaging journey. Get in touch with us today at 866-225-2112 or via email at

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Exceptional Packaging, Unbeatable Prices, and Outstanding Customer Support

Our commitment to quality is unparalleled, offering premium packaging materials at surprisingly affordable rates. With a swift turnaround time of just 8-10 working days, we ensure your t-shirt business launches or new collections hit the market right on schedule. Our array of services includes complimentary shipping because your satisfaction is our top priority. We take pride in the consistently positive feedback our packaging garners from satisfied customers. For any inquiries or assistance with your order for tshirt or caps packaging, please reach out to us.

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Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

Do you offer customization options for t-shirt and cap packaging, or do you exclusively provide pre-made boxes?
We offer both choices for t-shirt subscription boxes to cater to your specific needs. You can tailor your boxes to your exact specifications or choose from our pre-made samples.
How can I request a price quote?
Requesting a quote is easy. You can share your requirements with us via live chat, email, or by contacting us through our available communication channels.
What is your standard delivery time?
Typically, our standard turnaround time for printing, production, and delivery of boxes to your location ranges from 8 to 10 business days.
What distinguishes CMYK from Pantone (PMS) colors?
CMYK and Pantone (PMS) colors are distinct color systems employed in crafting unique designs for t-shirts and caps packaging. CMYK employs a blend of four colors to create a spectrum, while Pantone (PMS) offers a range of solid, predefined colors.
Do you offer eco-friendly t-shirt packaging?
Certainly, we provide sustainable packaging solutions for all your t-shirts, caps, and apparel branding needs.