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Learn More About Custom Tie Boxes

Trendy Packaging Materials Perfect for Tie Boxes

Customers are more concerned about the packaging of the tie because it gives a sense of luxury. Half Price Packaging offers boxes that are manufactured with high-quality and sustainable materials. Our tie box packaging attracts potential buyers instantly. They are crafted by Kraft, cardboard, rigid, and corrugated materials.

You can choose the thickness of tie boxes between 9pt to 24pt, making them sturdier and reducing the risk of damage as well.

Enrich Designing of Custom Tie Gift Boxes with High-Resolution Printing

These boxes are customized to exhibit the style and fashion of the packed items. You can showcase the reasons for wearing ties with your artwork. The association of symbols like nobility, honor, and order with your brand values will make your tie packaging boxes and items more relatable to the customers.

Whether you are selling vintage-style ties or contemporary ties, the vibrant colors of boxes printed by our CMYK printing, offset printing, and digital printing will be enough to make your products more visible.

Finishings Make Your Ties Boxes Graceful

When you use luxury packaging boxes for your ties, like two-piece boxes, sleeve boxes, or magnetic closure boxes, it is great to go for finishing to bring your products into the spotlight. Display your brand name with hot gold stamping to invoke a sense of luxury in your customers. The UV coating, anti-scratch coating, and varnish add more shine to the outer surface of your custom tie boxes bulk.

Get More Glamorized Custom Tie Packaging with Window

Ties are made of various materials like cotton, lightweight linen, textural wool, soft silk, and more. They carry patterns that need to be showcased to customers so they can select the right tie for their presentation or a toast. Our packaging has window patches to display the beauty of your ties that enable your customers to see without opening them. With window tie boxes wholesale, your ties have transparency, so the chances of collecting more revenue are high.

You can also add inserts for the organization of your ties and print QR codes to trace any important info about the product only in one scan.

Order Branded Boxes in Unbeatable Designs

Half Price Packaging has a proficient team of creative and competent designers who spend considerable time making authentic designs for your wholesale tie boxes. Our other apparel boxes include custom shirt boxes, custom cufflink boxes, and more which are curated as per the brand requirements. If you have budget constraints or try to incorporate any special needs in your packaging boxes, we have the latest packaging technology to address them all.

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected] to get the best packaging for your products.

Frequently asked questions

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What are your MOQs for tie boxes?
We don’t have any minimum order limit (MOQs) for tie boxes. You can get any number of boxes for your products.
Are your custom tie boxes sustainable?
We use kraft, rigid, corrugated, and cardboard for the manufacturing of custom boxes, they are all 100% eco-friendly packaging materials.
Are Tie Packaging Boxes Affordable?
It entirely depends on your choice of design, style, and packaging materials. You can share your packaging budget with our experts; they will provide you with the optimum range for your tie packaging boxes. If you use kraft boxes, they are cost-effective packaging for your tie boxes.
What are the most famous styles of boxes used for luxury tie boxes?
Brands use magnetic closure boxes, two piece boxes, sleeve boxes, and collapsable boxes to give a royal touch to their packaging.
How do you make your tie boxes durable for safe shipping?
We provide high-thickness custom tie boxes that have enough strength to face any sort of shipping challenges.