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Custom Belt Boxes for Brands to Create a Catchy Style Statement

Investing in our belt packaging is an investment in your brand's image and customer satisfaction!

Let's talk about our materials – sturdy and premium, with thickness options from 9pt to 24pt. But it's not just about durability but the pleasure of unwrapping something special. And we make it happen by offering endless options. Choose from a diverse range that guarantees protection coupled with utmost luxury. If you are looking for a multi-pack box, our heavy-duty corrugated boxes do the best job. If you prefer a lightweight box, cardboard and bux take center stage. Packaging can be single- or double-layered per needs.

We care about the Earth, and we know you do too. Our sustainability practices and biodegradable Kraft boxes ensure your packaging looks and feels good. Also, belts can be chic, especially for girls. For their display, opt for our metallic stock. Absolutely phenomenal!

Our hot-selling two-piece rigid foldable custom belt boxes are ideal for shipping, subscription boxes, or retail displays. By understanding your demands for well-made, portable, and unique boxes, we take care of every aspect, giving your brand a great chance of expanding its customer outreach.

Bulk Ordering Made Easy with Us

Ordering is as simple as saying 'hello'! 

Whether you are a tiny shop or a giant store, our ordering system is like your personal shopping assistant. It understands your big orders like a best friend. And here is the magic trick – you get excellent prices without sacrificing the quality. It is like a sale that never ends!

Belt Packaging | Colors That Pop, Details That Shine!

It’s easier to communicate with the visual displays! All you need to do is select the appropriate palette, materials, box shape, and embellishments. And we always pick the options that never make your packaging go UNNOTICED.

Half Price Packaging has a palette of vibrant colors with CMYK, Digital, and Pantone options available for crisp, rich, captivating typography. Whether you need us to print your company logo, name, and contact details OR patterns, artwork, and illustrations, we do it professionally and skillfully. Our collection of inks, especially the use of eco-friendly soy-based ink, makes quality printing happen. 

From thinking up cool ideas to making sure your custom belt boxes shout your brand's personality, we are on it!

A Broad Spectrum of Finishes & Add-Ons Available

It is all about those little details that make your belt packaging boxes uniquely yours.

Our packaging specialists let your creativity run wild as they help you size, shape, and design your packaging to ensure that each is as exceptional as the belts it contains. Feel free to personalize your belt boxes with hang tags, inserts, QR codes, dividers, die cuts, ribbons, bows, sliders, and more. Where tags and labels boost practicality, handles and dividers improve functionality. 

Our finishings make a real difference in keeping the boxes at bay from deteriorating. To deliver the most beautiful experience, every corner and spot of the boxes is perfectly wrapped with the lamination or coating of your choice. Moreover, holographic accents, gold stamping, and metallic foiling revolutionize how you store and showcase your belts.

Get Dedicated Support from a Dedicated Packaging Specialist

For us, packaging is more than just manufacturing a durable box with specks of customizations. The box must have the capacity to dictate your brand story. From visual design to delivery to your door, all our processes reflect hassle-free logistics. We are always aware of the fanciest trends to solve your hurdle of finding the most fitting size, style, and color of the apparel boxes

We are constantly meeting the standards and quality of excellence!

Our commitment to your satisfaction continues after your purchase. Our dedicated customer support team is ready to help if you have any questions or require assistance. We believe in building lasting relationships with our customers and ensuring your experience with our belt boxes exceeds expectations. Start exploring our collection of custom belt boxes today!

Reach out to us now at 866-225-2112 or via email at [email protected]

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What is a Belt Box?
A Belt Box is a storage and organizational solution explicitly designed for belts. It typically features compartments or slots to neatly store and display belts, preventing them from tangling or getting damaged. Belt Boxes are often used to keep a collection of belts in one convenient and accessible place.
How many belts can a typical Belt Box hold?
The capacity of a Belt Box varies depending on its design and size. Some Belt Boxes can hold a dozen belts or more, while others may be designed for a smaller collection. It's essential to check the specifications of each Belt Box to determine its capacity.
Are Belt Boxes only for men's belts, or can they accommodate women's belts as well?
Belt Boxes are designed to accommodate belts of various sizes, styles, and genders. They come in different shapes and sizes to cater to men's and women's belts. Pro tip? When purchasing a Belt Box, it's essential to consider the width and length of the belts you own to ensure they fit comfortably within the compartments.
Can Belt Boxes be wall-mounted?
Some Belt Boxes are designed with features that allow them to be wall-mounted, providing a space-saving storage solution. However, not all Belt Boxes come with this option. If wall mounting is a requirement for you, be sure to check the product specifications or description to verify if the particular Belt Box you are interested in supports this feature.
How do belt boxes help maintain the quality of belts?
Belt Boxes play a crucial role in maintaining the quality of belts by preventing them from becoming tangled, creased, or damaged. By keeping belts organized and stored in a dedicated space, Belt Boxes help preserve their shape and condition, ensuring they remain in good condition for longer.