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Get Trendsetting Subscription Box Styles Made of Premium Materials

Packing up a whole clothing line for both in-store and online sales can cause inconvenience. Fortunately, our versatility makes this process easier by offering every type of packaging you will need to get started. At Half Price Packaging, we offer a diverse range of subscription boxes for kids, men, and women's clothing, featuring various box styles and materials. You can choose the box strength that suits you best. From 9pt to 24pt, we offer a range of thickness options for optimal durability and protection.

  1. For kids' clothing, our options include playful collapsible rigid boxes created from sturdy corrugated cardboard, ensuring protection during shipping and handling.

  2. Moreover, for men's clothing, our range includes sleek ear lock mailer boxes/tuck tab-locking mailer boxes made from durable kraft paper or corrugated cardboard. This style provides a secure and sophisticated packaging solution, boasting a graceful design pattern. They are perfect for showcasing men's fashion essentials with elegance.

  3. For women's clothing, we offer luxurious magnetic closure boxes constructed from high-quality cardboard and rigid or eco-friendly kraft paper, exuding sophistication and style. These subscription packaging solutions feature chic patterns and stylish finishes. It adds a touch of glamor to any fashion collection.

If you have any special box style or material requests, share them with us. We happily accommodate customizations. You can also check out our clothing Christmas boxes to get an idea of packaging for festive occasions.

Print and Coat Your Subscription Boxes with Sustainable Inks & Durable Finishes

No matter the type of clothing you need to package, at Half Price Packaging, we offer tailored solutions to meet your precise specifications. From headgear to legwear, our cutting-edge manufacturing and printing services enable us to create eco-friendly subscription boxes for all your clothing needs.

We utilize advanced offset and digital printing techniques, along with CMYK and PMS color models, to ensure vibrant and accurate colors that match your brand theme perfectly. Be it minimalist or maximalist designs, we can print any artwork or typography to suit your style.

We respect our eco-conscious customers by prioritizing sustainability and using eco-friendly inks such as soy-based and water-based options. Additionally, you can go with our sustainable aqueous coatings and laminations for added protection and increased visual appeal.

Whether it's swimsuits, neckwear, or plus-size garments, we customize boxes of any size, color, shape, or design. With us, there are no limits to your packaging possibilities.

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Wondering what makes HPP the ultimate packaging partner? Look no further. Not only do we offer top-notch luxury apparel boxes at affordable prices, but we also go the extra mile to provide exceptional services. Enjoy free shipping on orders within the USA, Australia, UK, and Canada, with delivery in just 8-10 business days. Besides all these amazing offers, we give discounted rates on bulk or wholesale orders of custom clothing packaging.

For further details, reach out to us today via email at [email protected] or give us a call at 866-225-2112. We are here for you 24/7!

Upgrade Clothing Subscription Boxes with Functional Add-Ons

At Half Price Packaging, we believe that the little details can make a big difference. For this reason, we offer a range of extra features to take your clothing subscription boxes to the next level. From adding QR codes for easy access to digital content, including elegant ribbons and bows for a touch of luxury, to incorporating sliders for convenient opening, we have multiple options to deck up your packaging solutions. Our dividers help keep your items organized, while our die-cut options allow for custom shapes that reflect your brand's unique style.

Frequently asked questions

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What materials do you use for women's clothing subscription boxes?
We have a range of high-quality, durable materials suitable for clothing items, ensuring they arrive in pristine condition. These include rigid boxes, corrugated boxes, cardboard boxes, kraft packaging, etc.
Can I customize the size and design of kid clothing subscription boxes?
Absolutely! We offer a wide variety of customization options in terms of size, design, and material to perfectly align with your brand and product requirements.
How much does it cost to create the best clothing subscription boxes for men?
The initial expenses for launching a subscription box business can fluctuate based on factors such as product assortment, packaging materials, and shipping expenses. While there's no fixed figure, startup costs typically fall within the range of a few hundred to $10,000.
Do you offer design support for the clothes subscription boxes?
Yes, we have an advanced 3D design studio, and our team is always ready to assist you in creating a unique design for your monthly clothes boxes. This service is provided to you completely free of charge.
How do you ensure affordable pricing for best mens clothing subscription boxes bulk orders?
Being the fastest-growing packaging company, we have streamlined our processes and offer easy price matching of cheap clothing subscription boxes, ensuring you get the best value for your investment.