Learn More About Apparel Gift Boxes

Quality Apparel Gift Boxes Made from Quality Materials

Shirt-size gift boxes with a range of distinctive winter motifs are available. You may order custom sizes and depths for gifting shirts, sweaters, cosmetic goods, tools, and more. These apparel gift boxes are easy to pop up and fold flat for storage. Excellent for purchasing in bulk! Clothing gift boxes are made from high-quality paper from ethically managed forests.

Our apparel gift boxes feature pretty hard material with colored stripes, great to have on hand for winter birthdays, graduations, Christmas, and more!

Stylish & Luxury Apparel Gift Boxes

Gifts are given to express affection and gratitude to the recipients. Companies and stores send branded clothing as gifts to convey their thanks and admiration for their customers. We can improve the appeal of your high-end clothing gift with one-of-a-kind luxury apparel boxes for giving gifts. In order for others to be inspired and fall in love with your present.

Sell Gifts inside Apparel Boxes on Different Occasions

Celebrations for numerous events take place throughout the year. A bridal or baby shower, a convocation party,  a birthday celebration, or a wedding ceremony are all possibilities. They typically provide premium items as gifts to demonstrate their passion and thoughts for their loved ones.

Elegant and compelling packaging is required for luxury clothes presents in order to showcase the package's appeal. Apparel gift boxes are suitable for achieving the goal of offering interesting and beautiful apparel packaging. We provide a broad selection of excellent apparel gift boxes with lid packing for various occasions to assist you in creating more cherished memories.

Custom Apparel Gift Boxes Options for Your Interest

You can select the kind of box as well as any printing and design options such as with or without lids, absorbent strips, or other dividers and partitions. You may also shut the boxes with an option of magnets if you like. 

As a consequence, ordering for different sizes, shapes, color schemes, pictures, printed alternative designs, and a variety of other printing choices and materials becomes simple. Depending on your demands and the level of durability you choose, your custom printed apparel gift boxes can be built of any material.

Buy Apparel Gift Boxes Wholesale Now at Big Discounts

Half Price Packaging is a one-stop shop for all of the numerous types of luxury and budget-friendly apparel gift boxes you need for your business. If you wish to buy clothing Christmas boxes with any of these attributes in quantity, please contact us. We can make it according to your specifications.

We have years of experience developing and creating premium garment gift packaging for different clients. Using the same expertise and skills, we can provide you with the best custom apparel gift boxes wholesale. Our primary objective is to make you satisfied. So, arrange your appointment with us to receive the best quote. Our representatives are available 24/7 for you. In case of any concern or query, please contact us via call or email at 866-225-2112 or [email protected] 

Frequently asked questions

Personalize your unboxing experience with a small surprise.

What materials do you use for apparel gift boxes at Half Price Packaging?
We use a variety of high-quality materials including cardboard, corrugated stock, and Kraft paper, ensuring durability and a premium feel.
Can I get a custom design for large apparel gift boxes?
Absolutely! Our 3D design studio is equipped to help you visualize and finalize a design that best represents your brand and large-sized apparel.
I'm on a tight budget. Is there any flexibility in pricing?
Yes, we prioritize customer satisfaction and offer easy price matching. Plus, you can benefit from our industry's lowest MOQs, ensuring you get the best value for your money.
How long will it take to receive my apparel gift boxes order?
Delivery times can vary based on the size and customization of the order, but rest assured, we strive for quick turnarounds. Additionally, we provide free delivery, enhancing your experience.
Can I order boxes in different sizes?
Certainly! We cater to a variety of apparel items, and you can customize your boxes in different sizes to fit products ranging from shirts to larger clothing items.